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Saints: 900

Version 83

MapleSaint is a brand new v83 server with Free GM Hat. Will you get the Highest Fame? Come join us today and feel the Nostalgic of old Maple! Donate to become a GM

Vote for us 2 times to receive 2x Exp and we have 2x Exp on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We also have Web Gachapon where you can try out your luck

Our Server runs on Xeon E3-1270 v6, 2 GB RAM, NVMe and 1 Gbps Connection to ensure you have the best lagless gaming experience

Donate For GM

Donating helps to cover our server costs.


By donating, you'll gain access to the following features:

  • Special In-game name
  • Your in-game name below this page as a thank you for donating


GM Commands
!buffme - GM Haste (Normal), GM Holy Symbol, GM Bless, GM Hyper Body, Magic Guard, Power Guard, Echo of Hero, Invincible, Speed Infusion, Meso Up
!warp [mapid] - Warps you to the map you specified
!chat - Change chat color to White/Normal
!gmshop - Open the GM Shop
!item [itemid] [quantity] - Gives you the item you specified (Not available after 25th April 2017)
!drop [itemid] [quantity] - Drops the item you specified (Not available after 25th April 2017)
!warpto [ign] - Warp to the IGN you specified


Alternatively, you may complete either of the following tasks to receive the Perks:

1. Referring 10 friends to join MapleSaint to receive the Perks. Once you're done, contact Saint with their in-game name.

2. Reaching Level 200 in-game. You'll receive a Coupon Code at My Coupon.

If you're a Donor previously in any of the following servers (XansMS, JudoMS, MapleSage, MapleGaga), please contact Saint to receive your GM Coupon.

*Each Coupon Code is only valid to 1 Character. No refunds will be given once you have donated.



Donation Instructions

1. Go to the Donate page

2. Select a Payment Method (Bitcoin, Stripe, PayPal)

3. Enter Email Address, your current In-game name and new In-game name if you want to change it to Special In-game name

4. A 15-digit Coupon Code will be sent to your Email Address when payment is successful

5. Now, go to the Cash Shop to redeem the Coupon Code and your Character will become a GM

If you have entered the Special In-game name, please allow up to 12 hours for changes to be made to your Character.

GM Handbook Download



Thank you to the following Saints which has financially supported us:











Thank you to the following Saints which has been recruiting players to MapleSaint: