Server Info

Online: 0
Saints: 900

Version 83

MapleSaint is a brand new v83 server with Free GM Hat. Will you get the Highest Fame? Come join us today and feel the Nostalgic of old Maple! Donate to become a GM

Vote for us 2 times to receive 2x Exp and we have 2x Exp on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We also have Web Gachapon where you can try out your luck

Our Server runs on Xeon E3-1270 v6, 2 GB RAM, NVMe and 1 Gbps Connection to ensure you have the best lagless gaming experience

Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Server open?

The Server was opened on 5th April 2017 (SGT / GMT+8).


What is the intention of this Server?

The intention of this server is to let everyone to have an easier gameplay by killing mobs, doing quests, participating in events, et cetera and staying Original as much as possible.


Does all the game feature works?

No, not all the game feature works. We try to provide as much feature as possible.


Do you block Network from playing like University, Cyber Cafe, VPN?

No, we don't block.


I'm having trouble installing, can you help me?

Yes, we're happy to help you. Just Private Message Saint in Discord with your Teamviewer ID and Password which can be downloaded at


Am I allowed to Multi-Client?

Yes, you're allowed to.


Am I allowed to Vote using Multiple Accounts?

Yes, you may.


What is the Drop Rate for Maple Leaf?

The Drop Rate is 2.5%.


How do I get Perfect Pitch?

Perfect Pitch can be obtained every time you Level from Level 30 onwards.


My Character is stuck on the map, how do I move out?

You may login to our Website and use the Move Character tool.


What are GM Perks?

GM Perks allows you to use the following GM Commands and Job Advance to GM and SuperGM at Any Level:
!buffme - GM Haste (Normal), GM Holy Symbol, GM Bless, GM Hyper Body, Magic Guard, Power Guard, Echo of Hero, Invincible, Speed Infusion, Meso Up
!warp [mapid] - Warps you to the map you specified
!chat - Change chat color to White/Normal
!gmshop - Open the GM Shop
!item [itemid] [quantity] - Gives you the item you specified
!drop [itemid] [quantity] - Drops the item you specified
!warpto [ign] - Warp to the IGN you specified                                                                       
GM Perks can be obtained by Donating, Referring 10 Friends to the Server or Reaching Level 200 in-gameAdditionally, if you have donated, you may change your in-game name to special in-game name.


Is GM allowed to give items?

Staff GM is not allowed to give items while GM is allowed to.


I am banned for Hacking, can I appeal?

No, you may not appeal.


Most FAQs will be added soon.